About OES

We are committed to being the company that every agent looks to for leverage. We want to provide an offer that is 100% accurate, delivered timely, and with compliance built in. Free yourself and your staff to build your business while we handle the offer writing process from assembly to listing agent delivery.

  • Accurate

  • Timely

  • Compliant

Success Stories

Meet your team

Amanda Williams

Founder & Chief Disruption Officer

Amanda is a connector and strives to bring people together in mutually beneficial ways. She builds on her six years of experience as a REALTOR® to develop high level systems for her clients. Amanda strives to build a worthy life by connecting people to their dream of being successful business owners.


Official Partner & Branding Expert

What started as an Etsy shop only a few years ago, has quickly blossomed into an established branding powerhouse. MeadowLaneMA is approaching 1,000 raving reviews from clients all across the nation. Amanda brings your real estate business to life and envisions your mission into a dynamic brand.

Jason Argo

Full Stack Developer

Jason brings your tech vision into reality. From the most basic plan, to the more complex dream, there is nothing that Jason can't build into fruition. Versed in many programs and languages, Jason is the mind that brings OES into the the most forward tech position.